Business offerings


Business offerings

Liberty Corporate has a range of risk solutions to choose from, also referred to as ‘insured benefits’. Mostly, these benefits relate to life, disability and dread disease insurance. Business owners can purchase these benefits for their employees, either as part of a retirement fund or individually. These benefits can be structured pre- or post-tax earnings to ensure tax efficiency. Our insured benefits include insurance that covers children’s education in the event of the death or disability of a parent. In addition, we offer annuities which guarantee to pay an income for an employee into retirement. This insures against the risk of living longer than expected. For those employees looking to retain exposure to investment markets, our Living Annuity product is an attractive option. All of these annuities can be tailored to meet each employee’s unique income needs.


Liberty Corporate’s group annuity products are best suited to retirement funds and businesses. Three types of guaranteed life annuities are offered together with a living annuity alternative. These annuities can be purchased as a standard offering or as a tailored combination. Our institutional pricing basis means annuities are offered at a very competitive cost.


Receive lump-sum and income-based benefits with our range of Disability Products.

Life protection

Receive lump-sum and income-based benefits with our range of Life Cover Products.

Medical cover

Liberty Health is the leading provider of healthcare solutions across Africa. We give you true peace of mind by protecting you from significant medical expenses through the use of our extensive network of healthcare professionals and service providers.

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