Living lifestyle

Living lifestyle

Lifestyle Protector offers comprehensive cover for Critical illnesses and traumatic events you may experience.

Lifestyle Protector’s critical illness cover, Living Lifestyle , pays a lump sum for a claim arising from one or more critical illnesses that are grouped into 31 critical illness categories. These include, but are not limited to, types of cancers, strokes and heart attacks. For your peace of mind, our Catch-All category provides protection against those unknown and rare critical illnesses not already defined in the other 31 claim groups.


Lifestyle Protector requires standard information in order to assess your risk levels. This information includes, but is not limited to, your age, whether you smoke, your income and your highest level of education. Additional medical tests may also be required, and it is important to give all the necessary information when you take out your policy to be fully and accurately covered so as to avoid disappointment at the claim stage.

The premiums paid for each benefit on Lifestyle Protector are based on the amount of cover selected, duration of cover required and your level of risk.

Premiums are totalled across all benefits selected. In addition, each policy has a nominal policy fee.